TNLCX - Emily Bradway

Emily Bradway graduated college in 2009 and soon after picked up mountain biking as a new post-grad hobby. Once she fell in love with it, she started racing and learning of other types of cycling. 

She wasn’t all too enthused about the idea of cyclocross until her husband Dave convinced her it would be worthwhile and fun. She didn’t really believe him. That is, until she bought her own cross bike from a friend and tried it for herself. This is Emily’s 2nd cyclocross season.

“CX is a whole different animal. I find the racing to be more intense than my experience in mtb racing. It's fun to have spectators and friends to watch and cheer you on which is something you don't get much in mtb racing.” 

Although racing cross is a different beast than mountain biking, the crowd and atmosphere, new and unique challenges, and the weather make for an interesting experience for her. 

This cross season Emily’s goal is to get to know her teammates better, get more involved with the mission of NL, and improve personally as a cylist. 

She and her husband Dave decided to join Team NL this cross season, and for her, being part of the team is a way to mix her appreciation for the other team members, the sport, and riding for a cause. 

Click here to make a contribution to our "Cross For Heat" fundraising campaign. Our goal is to fund the replacement of 4 furnaces for vulnerable homeowners in need.