The Off Season at TNL

Team NeighborLink is 95% adult athletes who have their athletic pursuits anywhere between 4-8 on the priority level of life, which means we don't have a lot of time to spend training, researching training plans, studying advanced nutrition, recovery, or the effects of ice baths. Sure, most of us have some sort of athletic background, a deep desire to do our best, and a love for our favorite sport, but life will always trump getting out on the bike, going for a run, or core session. If it sounds like any other general assessment it's because it is. We're adults and adulting is hard. 

However, the more we do the events we want to do and see glimpses of being better than we currently are, several of our team members are considering what it looks like to use the limited time we have each week to train well. One of the greatest benefits of the Parkview Sports Medicine sponsorship is the access to their comprehensive programs designed to enhance and support athletic efforts. We can't begin to fully describe all the aspects of PSM, but it's a lot and all performed at a high level. As an extension of this sponsorship, we're collaborating on developing a cycling specific training program for anyone in the greater Fort Wayne area that wants to combine physical training, nutrition, and cycling based workouts. Off-Season just got a lot more focused at Team NL. 

Personally, I'm wanting to really understand and utilize the limited time I have in 2017 to maximize my fitness. Essentially, I want to understand how best to use the 5-8 hours I have a week to workout/train to get the best results on the bike. I don't do a lot of events each year, but I want to be able to attack those events in better shape than ever to set some benchmarks. Like a lot of adult cyclists, I want to be able to go on any local group rides and be able to hang regardless of pace and push the pace when I can. I want to be the upper 20% of any event/competition I enter. Most of all, I've got 30 more pounds to shed in my mind to hit what I can conceive as being a healthier, sustainable weight. I've lost 30 already in the past 4 years, been able to maintain where I'm at, and am motivated to get the rest of what I want to get off. If I have a race goal in 2017, it will be to tackle the Lumberjack 100 again this summer and shave at least an hour off of my time. I finished with a cumulative time of 9:42 last year, and I'd like to get as close to 8:15 as I can. 

I'm going to blog regularly about the process here on the TNL website with the hopes of sharing some thought about the journey towards these goals. Hopefully a few of the other guys will share their stories as well because I think this potentially will be a significant program for adult cyclists in Fort Wayne. Parkview Sports Medicine and the professionals at Athletes With Purpose are fantastic, we share similar values at the core of our operations, and I want to see TNL athletes see progress in their personal lives. This is primarily about individuals accomplishing personal and mental goals as it is about performance. 

AWP would love to get you engaged in this program. Honestly, I'm not sure you could find the level of specialized attention you'll get in this program from any other gym/facility in Fort Wayne for the cost. 

Learn more and reach out to Dillon by taking a look at this link with the details