Giving Tuesday - Current TNL Ambassador Fundraising Campaigns

#GivingTuesday is a thing, and a thing we fully support. In an effort to encourage all of us to not get completely wrapped up in our own consumerism, Giving Tuesday is an effort to motivate us to make donations on behalf of those that cannot have the same Christmas season that we'll have for ourselves. As many of you know, Team NeighborLink is all about using athletics to raise awareness and funds for those neighbors of ours dealing with life's circumstances. 

Here is an update on all the fundraising campaigns we have going on right now. We'd love for you to consider making a donation on behalf of the athletes and the neighbors they'll help. You can click this link and be directed to the NeighborLink website where all these projects are posted and have donate buttons. 

11.28 / 11:48am Update - Rolland's Furnace has been funded! All contributions will go to the next furnace we're working on. 

Specifically, We're attempting to help Rolland get a new furnace this week after his got shut off after inspection yesterday. He's a Korean War veteran and lives on a fixed income. We've got $275 of the $1,000 we're trying to raise to be added to the $125 he's contributed to his $1200 replacement cost, which is low because Masters Heating and Cooling partners with us and donates their labor. Today is your day to give heat! Click here to donate specifically to this project

Collectively, TNL Ambassador campaigns have helped raise over $17,500 for projects this year. Help us exceed $20,000 by the end of the year.  

Chris Scagnoli - Project 10779 - $1,379 of $1,500 goal

Chris set a goal to run 1,000 miles and raise $1,000. He's exceeded that and moved his goal to $1,500. Let's help him cap this campaign off. 


David Park - Project 11306 - $250 of $700 Goal

David is an avid cyclist and trying to incorporate purpose and fundraising into his efforts this season. 100% of David's fundraising will be going to a furnace project yet this winter. 

Wes Akers - Project 11430 - $1,050 of $1,500 Goal

Wes is an avid cyclist and has been involved with NL as a volunteer for the past couple of years. Wes recently hit an initial $1000 goal and helped get a furnace installed for a dialysis patient, Sith. He's boosted his campaign to get near $1,500 for the year. 

Paul Richardson - Project 11597 $50 of $500

Paul is a new TNL rider this year and chose to get involved at a deeper level right away. He's one of our TNLCX athletes and joining us in raising funds for a furnace this year. Help get his campaign off to a great start. 



Emily Bradway - Project 11751 - $937 of $1000

Emily gave up her birthday earlier this year to raise $700 and help us fund a roof project. She's extended her goal to $1000 to help us fund some furnace projects. She's so close to her goal. Help close that out for her. 


Josh Johnson - Project 12244 - $335 of $500

Josh has been a long time fixture at TNL. Earlier this year, he was able to raise $335 during his Birthday week. Now he's trying to complete that project by the end of the year to help us fund furnaces. 


TNLCX Racing For Heat - $2,375 of $6,000

The entire TNLCX community is trying to raise enough funds to help 6 neighbors get heat this winter. Funding is coming in and furnaces are getting replaced. We're combining this campaign with the campaigns of the athletes above to hit our target. We're 3 furnaces in and we're on track for 6-7 if we can keep these campaigns going.