Race Report - Derby City CX Cup

What a weekend! Derby City Cup was quite an event for so many reasons. Mid-week last week, a video popped up on Facebook that was a sped up pre-ride video that made the course look pretty tame. That video was a lie! This course was easily one of the toughest CX courses we've ever raced. Tons of elevation change, sloppy wet condition on day one and slick on day two, plenty of technical downhills and off cambers, and long length that was having most amateurs turn 10+ minute laps. The event organizers sure accomplished the goal of turning Joe Creason Park, which very few Louisville natives have ever been to, into a US Nationals level course in preparation for hosting in Dec 2018. 

This was the biggest CX event that TNL will go to all year due to the combination of it being a double UCI C2 weekend, the final race of the new US CX Cup series, and the Pan American Championships. Big event production, all the major teams, the spectators, decent sized fields, and the costs that go with it all. Many of us were on the fence of even coming due to entry fees $15 higher than any other race, the cost of parking, and travel expenses. CX can get expensive and the conversation on value is always present when you're evaluating the experience and effort it takes to do this sport. Lets just say we're in this for the relationships and not just the racing. The event went well, was well organized, and was at the top level, which takes money to run, so we appreciate that the event went well in light of the sticker shock. It's a tough balance to find. 

Racing was tough. Every athlete, including TNLCX riders, that we talked to said that it was the hardest race they've done. Everyone ran more than any other time all season. But, everyone seemed to have fun and appreciate the challenge that comes with an already hard form of cycling. TNL athletes, Andrew Hoffman and Zach Berend were the only two TNL members to grab podiums over the weekend. Andrew took a 3rd on day 2 in the Cat 5 race and Zach took 2nd both days in the Boys 15-18 category. Everyone else worked and felt pretty good about their rides. Josh took a 23rd on day one and a 16th on day two in the elite race. That's great riding in the midst of such tough competition. 

More importantly, TNLCX had a great time interacting with other athletes and each other. Thank you to everyone that stopped by, picked up some gear, and learned about TNL. Helps to get to know everyone that we see each week at races. Makes it that much more fun. Your purchases helped us add another $200 to our Furnace Campaign project

On Saturday night, our sponsor Midwest Center for Joint Replacement took us out to dinner to bridge the two-day weekend and spend some quality time together as a team. Race days are hectic with everyone running around that it can be tough to connect more than a few minutes with each other. So, dinner was time to relax, chat about life, and get to know more about each other. We were fortunate to have both Drew Dillman and his fiance, CJ, and Kerry Werner and his fiance, Emily, join us for dinner as well. Both great couples who love CX and community. Thanks for joining us and sharing your lives with us in person. Best of luck with the rest of your seasons. 

We're all struggling a bit this week as we get back in the work grind and try to recover and prep for the next few weeks of racing. Most of us are off this week for the Sugar Branch OVCX race, but will be ready to go in two weeks for another 2-day UCI weekend in Indy at Major Taylor. Hoping to take some more podiums and move our point totals towards overall podiums in the series. Come hang out with us if you're in Indy.