Off Season: Is Over

My off-season ends in two days. The first race I’ll be lining up for is the 36-mile version of the Barry-Roubaix gravel road race in Hastings, MI. I haven’t planned a lot of my racing season yet. It will include mountain bike, road and, possibly, six hour duo MTB races with my wife, and then a full cyclocross season. Fat and Skinny Tire Festival in Warsaw, IN is always on my list and I will try to make the start for the two big criteriums in Indianapolis: Indy Crit and Mass Ave. Criterium.


Over the past 11 weeks of countless intervals, 970 miles, 62.5 hours of training, I’ve learned that training with a power meter helps me to not overextend in training. I feel stronger and more rested than I have in the past. Trainer workouts can be fun! Power numbers are something else to concentrate on besides the TV or just suffering. That makes workouts go a lot quicker. The workouts seem more intense as well.  I can suffer longer on a bike than I thought when there is a goal besides suffering. Doing intervals before having power measurement, I would ride as hard as I could to try to finish the interval. With the power numbers, I know what zone I’m working on and don’t blow up in the first set of intervals. Endurance miles are a lot easier than I was ever riding before. No more going out too hard on an easy day. Lastly, 30/30’s and 15/15’s are brutal!


30/30’s- That is 30 seconds on and 30 seconds of rest. I did a couple sessions 4 intervals by 10 minutes with 5 min rest in between. Just when I thought that was going to be the hardest workout I’ve suffered on the trainer, my plan listed 15/15’s. As I sat down to this workout I started to crunch the numbers and realized, not only am I blowing up my cardio, I have to try to keep count to 20 during the interval!! Needless to say, this workout was one of the hardest trainer workouts I’ve ever done. It was also a lot of fun. I’ll be continuing them throughout the year.  

David Bradway

2017 stats to date:

FTP: 233w

Kilograms: 97

Kilometers ridden in 2017: 1606