Night Moves | Race 2 - Recap

One Lucky Guitar! Cookies from GK Baked Goods! Ran through the Tincaps stadium AND the Grand Wayne! Are you kidding?! This was one of our favorite courses we have done in recent years. We are so thankful for everyone that made this a unique route! 

However, this event would not have been possible without the help of our faithful volunteers. We needed a few more volunteers than normal and you guys really stepped up. Thank you for bring the energy needed to help our runners have such a good time! We would like to thank you for taking the time to help direct and encourage the participants during the run. It's always refreshing to see a smiling face in the middle of a run. Also, thanks to 3 Rivers Running Company for coming out to show support! We loved your enthusiasm. 

This run generated $600 that will go directly toward helping us cover the expenses to put a new roof on a home for a neighbor named Judy. Thank you everyone that runs and supports these events. Please keep sharing this event with your events and help us grow. How fun would it be to have upwards of 100 runners at Night Moves?! [100 runners = $1,000 toward changing neighborhoods]

We love being able to help our neighbors, and each Night Moves helps a different neighbor with a project beyond their physical and financial ability. Running is fun, cycling is fun, but what really brings us joy is using running and cycling to help our neighbors in need. So, thank you all for participating in Night Moves! 

Check out the video and photos to see how sweet this event was!