2018 Spring Cycling Gear Order

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The time to order new cycling gear is final here. For those waiting on this info, thank you for the patience as getting proofs ready through the manufacturer always seems to take longer than we think it will no matter how early we start on designs. Below is a series of bullet points of relevant info. If you have any questions, please let us know. 

General Notes: 

  • We have some 2017 gear in-stock, especially ladies and any 2x or 3x guys. Check out our web-store store first. Click Here

  • Designs stayed mostly the same from last year to this year. We love our look/feel and wanted to keep it consistent. The only change you'll notice is the background pattern on the jersey and leg bands. We went from a combo of hearts and houndstooth to a series of dots, which represent the thousands of projects NeighborLink collects and completes each year. 

  • Sponsor Gear - We ask that if you're racing for us or an Ambassador in 2018 to buy at least one sponsor jersey for racing. They invest a lot in us and you're receiving the benefit of their investment in some way. We also ask that if you're only buying one color, to buy the ROYAL jersey for 2018 because that's our desired racing color for 2018, even though we welcome all the other colors at races. We welcome anyone to buy those kits even if you're not racing but want to support them because they support us. 

  • Non-Sponsor Gear - we created most of our gear to fit those that just want to represent our cause. You'll see that there is one sponsor logo on all kits this year. MCJR is a tremendous supporter and our efforts would not be possible without them. In an effort to thank them, we've put their logo on all our gear. Great company, great values, and invest significantly in NL as well as so many other organizations. 

  • Champion System - We're back using this company after a year off in 2017. They have the greatest flexibility, more options, and made some good updates to their gear that we hope you appreciate. 
  • Option Overload - There are a lot of options with CS, which can feel overwhelming. We encourage you to look around CS's website first before going to the order page. This way, you can read about the different styles, materials, etc. 
  • Recommendations - We've listed our recommendations based on 6 years of ordering gear from CS. We share some feedback on what we think about each level of gear and some recommendations that may help you sort through the clutter. 
  • Pricing - You'll notice that the prices we're charging are higher than what's on the CS website. We mark up items $10 per item to build in a donation to NL. There is also a premium for using their online ordering website that helps keep things organized as well as send us your order clearly organized and marked. 
  • Shipping/Ordering - You'll order directly on their website. Choose to have it shipped to us so you don't have to pay for extra drop shipping. It'll all come to the NL office and we'll arrange pickup or additional shipping. Unless you want to pay the $30 for international shipping. If you can wait another day or so, we can ship out of FW if you're out of town for much cheaper once it comes in. 
  • Production Timing - CS is usually 5 weeks max, which puts the order in hands sometime the week of April 9th. We'll update it once order is finalized. 
  • Size Charts - Click Here for CS Charts - Men get  Club & Race cut options for jerseys. Club is cut a bit looser and is about 2" longer. Race cut are trimmer and a bit shorter. Most guys go race cut to get a trim cut jersey, but the taller guys or those conscious about their belly or prefer a longer cut, go club. Women, you get one women specific cut for jerseys. We have ordered a lot of CS gear over the year and if you want to try some stuff on, we can make arrangements to find a size kit. Just message us. 
  • Chamois - Guys, we recommend the Grandfondo chamois as it's their long distance one. Everyone has different feelings about chamois, so we can't promise that it'll be your favorite, but we've been using this one for years and have the least amount of complaints. The other ones is good too, but given the specs, isn't design for 3-5hr rides. Ladies - you get your own chamois as well. 
  • Inventory & Future Orders - we'll order as many as 4 times in 2018. Any time we can order at least 5 items, we can make an order. We'll plan again in May and July/August and maybe in fall. We'll also order a few extra kits each time in case you can get in on this order. 

Tech Collection Fit Notes

  • Tech Jerseys - The entry level Tech and Tech Summer are both really good values and jerseys. There is a noticeable different between the tech and the airlite fabric used in the summer version. We prefer the Tech summer jersey due to the lightness of the material. It's still thick enough to not worry about it falling apart easily by the end of the season. Performance wise, they're both great and if you're wanting an economical jersey, the Tech will perform just fine. We've sold more of both of these jerseys than any other over the years. 

  • Tech Bibs - These are great all around bibs that are as inexpensive, but still good quality, as you'll find. We've sold a ton of these bibs and people tend to like them just fine. The biggest difference between these and higher priced ones are the elastic leg band as well as the custom fabric on the side panels. If you don't like the elastic band style, then upgrade is recommended. Also, our premium designs allow for pre-dyed lycra on side panels, which eliminate the stretched white look on some bibs. New addition to Tech bibs is the addition of LONG Length, which has been an option for the more expensive ones, but not Tech in the past. Ladies, you get to choose between short, regular and long lengths on all bibs. 

Premium Collection Fit Notes

  • Jerseys - These start to get fancy by using multiple fabrics to offer performance advantages. The basic has Tech fabric and a tech mesh side panel with lycra sleeves. The Summer version has the airlite and even more breathable side panels with lycra sleeves. Guys that have gotten the lycra sleeves really like them. If you want to try a jersey that has a bit more bells & whistles, this is a good place to start. 
  • Bibs - GO PERFORMANCE PREMIUM! We designed the bibs to take advantage of this new premium feature that has pre-dyed lycra on side and butt panels, which eliminates the stretched white look that can happen when you have printed side panels. Plus, we think the pre-dyed lycra feels better and is nicer, plus its cheaper than the other performance bibs. This bib gives you the elastic gripper leg band as well as the option for longer lengths. This is our #1 recommendation with the grandfondo chamois. 

Apex Collection Fit Notes

  • JerseysWe've had a handful of guys order these jerseys in the past, but not too many. Only those that have worn a lot of different jerseys or have really strong preferences choose these. Usually super skinny fast dudes that are looking for marginal gains and have some $$$ to invest go with these. They're race cut, lightweight fabric, and super nice. Those that have them, love them and would recommend if you're wanting to invest the extra dollars. 
  • Bibs - We used to say these were must haves because they were the ones with the elastic leg bands, long length options, and the nicer fabric with flatlock stitching. However, with the redesign of the premium pro bib, we're not so sure. These are really nice, have more design and panels to make the fit better, but after having both, we're leaning towards saving the dollars. However, bibs are not things to skimp on and if you've got the dollars, upgrade. 

Additional Product Notes: 

  • Triathlon - we have both separates as well as tri-suits. Best to read up and go with the options you like the best. 
  • Skinsuits - we have both sponsor & non-sponsor skinsuits this year. Race team guys, rock the sponsor one. 
  • Vests - we have a blue & red vest this year. The wind vest is great because it's lightweight but doesn't have pockets. The intermediate vest is warmer and has pockets. Up to what you need. 
  • Trail Gear - We have MTB trail shorts as well as trail jerseys available. To get to the trail jerseys, just pick the jersey color you like the best and start the order process. 
  • Warmers - You can order leg/arm/knee warmers but we need to get to certain quantities before we make that order, so if we don't get to it, we may have to bypass that order for you. 
  • Cyclocross Tights - these are great if you're looking for a thermal tight to go over your shorts. 
  • Polos/Mechanic Shirts - we have some polo and mechanic shirts designed if you're looking for an off the bike shirt for the season. 


We hope this helps answer some questions you may have, but if they don't, send us a message


If you look at images, you can see the difference between the Club & Race jersey lengths as well as the bib lengths. 

If you look at images, you can see the difference between the Club & Race jersey lengths as well as the bib lengths.