Glencoe Grand Prix

The second weekend for the 2018 “CritSquad” was quite the experience. Four riders set out for the Glencoe Grand Prix in Glencoe, IL. All of the riders; Johnathan, Eddie, Parker, and Dylan were to race the Cat 4/5 race. The Glencoe GP has been a race that carries quite a bit of prestige in the Midwest cycling scene that guarantees big fields, great racing, and stiff competition.

As normal pre-race things sorted out, everyone set about making sure their bike was ready, they were checked-in at registration, and warm-ups were getting thought of. After some unfortunate circumstances Dylan found out he would not be able to race because he had not preregistered, and all 75 spots were filled. Luckily teammate and friend Parker was willing to race the 3/4 race so that Dylan could take his place in the 4/5 race.

It was obvious it would be a frantic start shortly after the gun went. The race offered 4 turns and one, should we say shallow curve, that ended a few rider’s day prematurely. An early crash distanced John from the field and his group wasn’t able to make it back. This left Eddie and Dylan to ride their own race. Entering the second half of the race, Eddie was caught in a large crash and saw his race ended as well. While he was a bit beat up and bruised, he was able to walk away to race another day and same for the bike. This left Dylan alone in the race and in a what could be described as a nervous and anxious group of about now 30 riders who constantly shredded out people. With 3 laps to go, Dylan moved his way up. Entering the last lap, he was able to avoid another crash and follow a move that took him to the last two corners in second place. Going into the last corner Dylan started his sprint and was able to take his first road win since racing as a junior. It also was the second win this season for the team after Ben Herbertz scored a win earlier in the season at Eagle Creek!

Last race of the day for the team was the 3/4 race. At this point in the day the course went from a fast 4 ½ corner crit to a 9 turn fast and technical course. Speeds were higher and the risk was higher as well. That didn’t detour Parker from taking on the challenge though. Quite the way to take it on from our point-of-view. Parker rode to a just off the back finish, but it was a huge step for him and one that shows progress and a determination to be faster. With that is was a wrap and everyone headed home looking forward to the next opportunity to race.

Next up for the team is June 15th @ Zeeland, MI. Now they may have a target on their back with two strong race showings in a row. They aren’t worried by that though!