"Hot Laps" MTB Series Race #1

The first “Hot Laps” MTB short track series race took place this past Tuesday and man was it fun! 29 cyclists took to a great and challenging course made by Aaron Hawkins! Racers took to the Franke Park’s Derby Hill with a fast leg sapping climb winding back and forth. Right before facing a quick bite of rest at the top riders chose from an A and B line choice. One of which was shorter, but steeper and the other a bit longer with less incline. Afterwards racers took a split second of recovery after climbing and clicked back down thru the gears to go downhill and over a small gravel road and into the trails. A fast rooted downhill and shoot out to the field tested rider’s handling skills after trying to maintain their previous speed. A quick dive into deer alley and back out to a 90-degree turn made for a fast yet dragging run to the finish. With just at 0.7mi in length the laps were fast and grueling combined with the humid air.

The first wave of the night took off at 6:30 for a 25-minute race including Women, Juniors, and Men’s Beginners categories.  Abi Snyder took off like a rocket and never looked back to take the Women’s win. Behind her Kyle Anderson, Levi and Jasper Hall battled in a very full 7 juniors deep field. In the end Kyle was able to get away and climb on the top step followed by the Hall boys! It’s always a blast to see these young kids out taking on the same course and putting their all into it while having fun! The last category to start in the first wave was the Men’s Beginner class. Jim Swift was able to ride clear of his competitors for an impressive win outfront and away from his fellow competitors.

The second wave featured the Men’s Expert and Sport categories. Taking off at 7:15 these guys took to the same course, but with 10 more minutes of racing. While it didn’t seem like much more high humidity and the fast nature of the course took its toll on many riders.  In the Men’s Sport category Matt Karthol, Dave Bradway, and Rob Schwiebert when blow for blow the first few laps. After a few time up the side of Derby Hill the gap was formed between each rider and the field respectively. With that the moves had been made and the gaps only continued to grow. Matt pulled ahead and only had to manage lap traffic it seemed as he rolled to a solid first place on the day. Dave and Rob both stuck in to fill the podium out as the race came to an end.

In the Men’s Expert class, the strong men came to play and play they did. In arguably the most competitive field of the night 7 men took to the start line. As Aaron gave the sendoff all 7 riders clipped into their pedals and took off for 35-minutes of doing battle. As the riders took to the start of Derby Hill out of Indianapolis racer Zach Andrews set to the front and set the pace. Corey Smith was the only rider able to hold pace before being distanced by Zach. Further back in the pack Tim Hall was riding his own race being patient picking off rider after on his way to the front. While a top step wasn’t to be Tim fought hard and finished an impressive 2nd place on the day with Corey falling back a bit to third, and Zach Andrews winning by a long shot!

The first week was a success and we can’t wait to see more people out next week! Thanks to Andrew Hoffman and Katie Steenport for photos this week!