TNCLX Camp 2.0

The older we get, the harder it is to find time to get together as teammates, which is pretty normal unless your entire team is in the same phase of life and lives within about five miles of each other. With TNLCX athletes living in 5+ cities in the midwest and most of us having kids or varied work schedules, finding a weekend where we can all get together is nearly impossible, so we accept that fact and move on. 

We had nearly 20 different athletes join us at some point this past weekend in Fort Wayne for our second annual TNLCX camp. We met up Saturday morning for a 30mi road ride to get the legs going and to catch up. We followed that by a couple volunteer projects via NeighborLink where we did some exterior painting and yard work. Later in the afternoon we met up for some CX skills practice led by Josh Johnson and talked about ways to be smarter CX riders over the course of the race. To end the day, we met up at NL Director's house for dinner and hanging out. Sunday had us 30 miles west in Columbia City for a 42mi gravel road road through rolling Whitley County. 

The goal of the weekend was to get as many people together to begin reconnecting old relationships and getting to know the new teammates. We're going to spend a lot of time together over the next three or four months, so we wanted to do our best to get off on a good start. Community is what holds all this together and what we believe should be worked on the most. Our cycling goals will take care of themselves and have and will always be on the individual rider's agenda. As adult cyclists, we work this sport in and around a million other things. 

We ended the weekend excited as ever to begin the weekly explorations around the Ohio Valley region while baking/chilling under the TNL tents once again. See you soon TNLCX and OVCX friends.