Lessons Learned From Selling Socks

We’ve been making socks for our team and to sell to raise money for the past six years. When you create a team like Team NeighborLink with our philosophy of building brand advocates and empowering athletes to participate in whatever events that come to their minds, you go down the slippery slope of merchandising. If you’ve been through our web store, you see all the different things we have for sale. What you don’t see is all the other things we’ve put a logo on and tried to sell. This is both a fun part of Team NeighborLink and a stressful one for a variety of reasons. It’s hard work trying to predict what athletes want, and they don’t always respond to your requests for input, and we’re not able to put the time and energy into Team NL merchandise that is required to get to a scale where we can really reduce our production costs. This makes margins slim.

While the lessons on merchandise are many, I wanted to share a few lessons from this past season’s sock offerings. We’ve tried to offer 6-8 different styles at any one time the past couple of years to offer color variety and design variety. It’s always interesting to see what colors sell, what the demographics are related to which styles, and what epic misses you can make with what you think are really smart and standard colors.

So, feel free to click through the gallery below to get some specific notes. Our 2019 order has been placed and will be here soon. In the meantime, feel free to take advantage of the cheapest prices on socks we’ll have all season. Oh, and if you have any feedback on colors or designs, we’re curious and welcome your comments.