TNLCX 2019 - Kit Pre-Order

Kit Pre-Order is open through July 27th. Click the link below and feel free to place an order. Everything will get shipped to our office and we’ll make shipping/delivery arrangements with you all directly.

It’s that time of year where we start seeing the #CXiscoming hashtag hit our instagram feeds, we break out the tubular wheels to get fresh tires on, and dust off the PVC pipe barriers. Well, maybe not all that but it certainly is time to get your 2019 TNLCX kit ordered if you’re needing anything for the fall season or you’re looking to join us this season. We’ve got a number of new riders wanting to join, which makes us excited as we enter our 4th full season of an organized effort.

TNLCX is bound to look a little different this year as we see some athletes come and go, but it’s shaping up to be just as a competitive year as it’s been the past few. If you’re looking to join us for the fall, just send us a note and we’ll be glad to fill you in on the details. You can send me an email directly -

We’ll be traveling the region with our caravan of tents and look forward to spending more time with our CX friends soon.

Order Details:

  • The link above gets you to our online store where you can choose any number of design/fit/style choices. Champion System thinks about everything.

  • Take time to look through Champion System’s online gear to see your options.

  • If you don’t see an item in the store that you want, let us know and we’ll see about getting it added.

  • Sizing Guide Can Be Found Here

  • $10 from each item goes to help funding projects at NeighborLink. Thank you!

  • Order closes March 22nd - We’ll do another 3-4 orders in 2019 if you can’t make this one work. So stay tuned if you can’t make this one.

Kit Suggestions/Notes:

  • TNLCX Member Colors - If you’re racing with us, we recommend you wear the Royal jersey as your primary color, Red or navy as a second color. The majority of TNL members wear one of those colors and they’re designed to stand out in the field. However, it’s your personal kit investment and we want you to wear whatever makes you feel good and feel fast. So, if you like the black, pink, or the explorer kit better, go for it. Just know you’ll stand out a bit from the rest of the team. No pressure to buy any new kits this year if you already have kits as they’ll all still look good together.

  • Skinsuits - CS has a lot of different skinsuits. Most of the road cycling oriented ones don’t have much of a collar. If you don’t want a collar like you are used to in a jersey, then you’re in good shape. If you want a collar, then the CX performance short sleeve skinsuit is your choice. They’re the same material and fit, but with a collar.

  • CX & Thermal skinsuits should be easy to find.

  • Jerseys - We recommend going with the “summer” weight in the Tech or Performance if you’re choosing between those options. The Summer material is just a little bit thinner and most athletes prefer it, even during CX season. It’s not paper thin and still sturdy material, just not as thick as their normal material and a better all-season weight.

    • The Performance Summer jersey is dynamite.

    • The Apex jersey is next level based on the guys that have gotten them, but we’re not certain that you “have” to have it. Burn those benjis if you can.

  • Bibs - Get the Performance Premium bibs when you order. They’re cheaper and made with pre-dyed lycra. Also, upgrade to the nicer chamois. You’ll appreciate that. We also don’t think you need to go for the super nice bibs as the performance pro ones are just as nice. We’ve had both.

  • Performance Intermediate Jacket - this used to be their Tech Fleece LS jersey - One of our favorite pieces of kit because of it’s layering versatility for spring riding and warming up.

  • Vest - Opt for the performance wind vest in order to get rear pockets. The other one doesn’t have them and it’s annoying when trying to get to your stuff under the vest.

Side Note: We have 1 LS skinsuit in red available to purchase from last year. It’s brand new and ready to roll. We’ll cut you a deal if you are in the market for that style.