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Online Registration for all Fort Wayne Cyclocross practice races can be done here. Select and pay for each date specifically.

Or, For your convenience, we’ve offered a few multi-week payment options for you to make check-in/payment easier over the season. We’ll also have on-site registration each week and can take cash or credit card. Our plan is to create master list of all participants for the entire season to make sure we make check-in faster.

Full Season Pass - We’ve create a full season pass that will save you $20 over the 12 planned weeks of practices if you know you’ll make it all season. Or, if you know you may miss a couple but be consistent, this will prevent you from needing to pay each week.

5 Punch Pass - This is just to make it easier for payment. If you create this feature, we’ll make a business card for your name and mark it each week when you show up. So, pay in advance, check in, and that’s it.

Juniors Race Free - Kids 16 and under ride free each week. We’d still like you to have them check in each week so we can keep track, but we want more kids to get involved to grow the sport and encourage family involvement.

100% of the proceeds over expenses will be split between NeighborLink for home repair projects and 3RVS who will commit the funds to trail maintenance and improvements at Franke Park.

We do our best to create a structured experience for all athletes. We tape the entire course, host some skill sessions, offer supportive lessons from athletic professionals, and create a race paced effort. We also do our best to provide some post race experiences to boost community.

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