tuesday nights

6pm - Arcola Elementary 

Tuesday Nights are our main group riding nights where we expect the biggest showing of riders and accommodate the most diverse pace groups. The intent is to create a welcoming, engaging, and supportive community of cyclists that enjoy riding together. Each group rolls out separately separated by a few seconds so people know who all is part of which group. We'll do our best to introduce each other, welcome new riders, and review the expectations of the ride. We only ask you to bring some grace, friendliness, and to not be afraid to ask questions if you have them. No bad questions here. 


A GROUP - Fasty's / 19-20+ mph Avg

This group of riders likes to ride fast, but likes to stay in a group as much as possible. This group settles into a 19-21mph conversational pace a handful of miles in, can stretch into a single pace line at times with speeds up over 25mph. It always stays together and adjusts pace accordingly to the weakest rider of the evening unless that riders wants to drop way back to the B group or simply can't hang on at that pace for the full 25 miles. This group stops for flat tire fixes or traffic delays at intersections. It’s a great way to learn to go faster with some great people. This group has good skills and likely includes some people that have racing experience with group instincts or training ambitions. Expect some verbal correction or encouragement to hold a wheel, line up in a echelon, or to pull through. The final 5-7 miles on the way back see the pace pick up, formations happen, and stop sign or church sprints setup. We do our best to not drop anyone until this point in the ride, but by this time, you'll have an easy ride back to the parking lot.  

B GROUP - brisky's / 18-19mph Avg

The B group riders can usually hang with the A group for awhile before desiring to dial the pace back to keep a consistent pace for the whole ride. Usually just a handful of miles down the road. The B group usually leaves the parking lot at the back of the large group knowing that they’ll back away earlier and settle into a solid conversational pace of between 18-21mph with a goal of finishing around that 19mph mark. This group stays together, probably has the most fun, and enjoys the ride every bit as much as the other groups. 

C GROUP - Chatty's / 15-18mph Avg

The C group is for those casual riders looking to roll at a comfortable pace and at times choose a shorter route in order to finish about the same time as faster group. The group usually rolls above 15mph, but stays together because it's about riding bikes for fun. The C group also fluctuates the most based on who shows up each week as it’s the least consistent. Some C riders can hang with the B group on most nights. This pace group needs the most consistent leaders to make sure folks know who’s going to be there. So, PLEASE show up and/or let us know you can come because others are secretly hoping you show up so they'll show up. 

Group Riding Basics Rides - Sporadic Schedule 

We want to implement a handful of rides this spring and summer that teach some group ride basics on Tuesday nights. These will be slower, intentional, and high touch teaching on things like: how to draft, how close to ride next to each other, how to rotate in a pace line, how to echelon in wind, how to take a pull at the front and not change the group’s speed, etc. As summer goes, we’ll advance the lessons. These won’t happen every week, but we’ll give enough notice to prepare for them. 

wednesday nights


5:45PM - Franke Park

Wednesday night is the Fort Wayne Cyclocross practice night. In years past we have been on the riverfront of Fort Wayne Outfitters and Bicycles, but with the continued effort to better Ft Wayne we have to step aside for construction and development of that area. We are excited about this new chapter in Ft. Wayne cyclocross and believe it will provide a sustainable and healthy recreational and training grounds.

Every evening of CX practice fits a flexible schedule that sees many people showing up around 5:30-5:45 to get ready and take a look at the course. If you are able to arrive sooner be sure to shoot an email to Dylan @ dylan@nlfw.org and learn how you can help with setup of the course. The need is always there for more help in setup as Chad Tieman and Aaron Hawkins will have some great courses in mind.

 At 5:45pm we will do a short skills clinic highlighting a feature of the course that many riders may either struggle with or be unfamiliar with. For example barriers, off-cambers, run-ups, and unique cornering. 

At roughly 6:00pm we will gather at the determined start line and do a sighting lap of the course. This is usually a slow all together lap ride of the course. Many riders will use this time to take a final look and mimic proper race lines in the course.

Following the sighting lap all riders will gather back up on the start line and after conferring will decide upon a set # of race laps. After that riders will start and do a race simulation on the course. Timing, result, and splits are not recorded. After riders hangout and are encouraged to help course teardown and clean-up.

The 1st and 2nd week of CX practice will be free of cost. (8/22/18)

Road Ride

6:30 - Arcola Elementary

Wednesday nights is our second night of the week and is growing in numbers of riders showing up. Traditionally, Wednesday nights have been consistently A Group kind of riders that stay together and keep a fast, conversational pace for the entire ride or at least until the last few miles when the sprint to St Patricks Church happens. In 2018, we’re going to double down on the idea to use Wednesday night to keep the groups together and even do some group ride basics along the way. 

No one gets into cycling knowing group ride dynamics. For most of us, we either learned by observing, listening, and experience from lots of rides. While many things are simple, they’re not always intuitive for the newer or less experienced rider. The goal of Wednesday nights is to create solid group rides where the group stays together and we integrate teaching along the way. A Group riders can keep a solid enough pace, take more turns at the front, and create a pocket to where faster B group riders can utilize the draft and hang-on for most of the ride. We want to create a culture on Wednesday nights to be able to advice each other on how to draft better, create echelons in cross winds, and learn the power of proper rotating and consistent speed pace lines. 

There may still be an A and B group split half way and the paces will still push each week as the group gets going. The B Group will have the same philosophy, just a touch slower for those not up for pushing 20+ for 25 miles. 

Don’t expect heavy leadership, but expect a reminder in the parking lot and some gentle encouragement along the way to adjust to keep the group together or to improve the ride experience. We may ask to speed up or slow down. If you need to go super hard on Wednesdays because of training, then you may roll fast down the road on your own or 3RVS has a great group ride at Saturn Church that is all out fast! 

saturday mornings

7am - Arcola Elementary

Saturday Mornings are a lot like Wednesdays in the fact that we like to head out and stay together at a pre-determined pace. Many riders use Saturday mornings to get in extra miles, so mileage usually hits 30-50miles on a Saturday. We always set the plan on Saturday mornings via our Facebook page. We try to connect with the Shop Ride that starts at Summit City Bicycles along the way to increase our numbers and offer some different paces if needed. Once summer hits, expect longer rides and different routes.