Event Overview

The Team NeighborLink "Night Moves" Running Series is a unique running series that focuses on creating community while running on non-traditional routes through Fort Wayne neighborhoods and prominent areas of town.

We recently made the descion to change the format slightly for the entire series by making the series FREE. In an effort to boost authenticity and enhance the experience of what is "Night Moves," we want to focus on creating a fund environment without the barrier of cost. This will start this week and go throughout the whole series. Here’s the deal though, we ask that you pay what you want in the form of a donation if you had a great experience or find value in the work we’re doing at NeighborLink. 

Think about joining 75-80 other runners for a late night (9 & 10pm start time) run in the downtown area of Fort Wayne. Each run/race is a 3-4 miles route or a mini-marathon relay. We have bike lead-outs and volunteers at every turn to show you the course at each race. It's an unsanctioned, un-official run/race with limited participants with the focus on running for the pure joy of it. Each route is unique and incorporates the roads, alleys, and back ways that are rarely taken.

At Team NeighborLink, we like to do events that no one else is doing for the sake of connecting to the athletic community in a unique way while drawing some attention to the non-traditional work we do at NeighborLink Fort Wayne. If you end up joining Team NeighborLink by the end of an event or series, even better.

Have a search through our Blog page to see pictures and read race recaps from 2015-2017.    

2018 Race Details

Dates & Locations

  • 6.8 - YMCA Central Branch - 9pm start

  • 7.13 - One Lucky Guitar - 10pm Start

  • 8.4 - Junk Ditch - Mini-Marathon Relay - 9pm start (Yes, the date is correct. Saturday is best for our friends at Junk Ditch)

  • 9.7 - Electric Works Campus (GE) - Mini Marathon Relay - 9pm Start

2018 Race Details 

  • All Races are free w/encouraged $10 Donation per person

  • Each Race is Exclusive to First 75 Runners or in a relay 20 teams.

  • Runner Check-In - 45min before race start time.

  • Races are Rain or Shine Unless Lightening is Present - We will communicate the best we can.

  • 100% of proceeds go to funding NLFW.org Projects for neighbors in need.

  • Race course remains secret until just before race.

  • TNL Volunteers lead the run via bicycle for lead runners and are stationed with flashlights at each main turn.

  • Come ready to hang out post-race. Each race is at a location that encourages hanging out.

  • Returning this year will be 2 relay events after the success we had last year with the Junk Ditch Brewing Company Relay.

Mini Marathon Format Details

  • Teams can be 2-4 runners

  • Each teammate must run 2 of the 12-13 laps

  • Teammates must alternate each lap

  • Course is an out and back format, which makes it fun to see where competition is and easy to manage and keep safe.

  • Races start at 9p which makes the first half at dusk and the second half at night

Register For June 22 Here - Limited to 20 Teams. 

Please take time to register by clicking one of the images below that match your date and checkout as normal. Just showing up is free and if you'd like to make a donation, you can do that as well. Either way secures your spot Friday night. We cap each relay at 20 teams and if you're not on the list at check in, you may not be able to race if the cap has been hit. This secures your teams spot. 

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