Night Moves Payment - DATES COMING SOON!

Night Moves Payment - DATES COMING SOON!

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Registration cap is 75 people, so make sure to at least sign up.

We’ve recently made these events free to better reflect our goals of building community, having fun together, and enjoying our city without the barrier of cost. However, we’d love for you to consider a donation to NeighborLink if you had a good time, want to support our mission of helping vulnerable neighbors, or want to see us continue hosting these events. We’ve put a couple of options in the checkout to add to your cart to make it easy, or you can make a donation the night of via cash or credit card on site.

We'll also have TNL gear on site should you want to buy a t-shirt, running shirt, or other swag in person. 


  • An exclusive night running race through FW

  • 100% of proceeds go to NeighborLink Fort Wayne as a donation. We'll put 100% of the funding raised towards specific projects we're completing. Each event, we'll tell you who is getting impacted by your registration.

  • We partner with a different vendor each event. Usually results in discounted food/beverages.


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