Carolina Blue Solid Heart & Hammer Socks

Carolina Blue Solid Heart & Hammer Socks

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With everyone, including us, going with bold colors and designs, we decided we needed to tone it down a bit and come out with some solid color socks with our heart & hammer logo. The pros go solid white, right? We're not going pro anytime soon, but we sure can clean up our acts. 

  • Small - Mens 4.5-6.5  / Womens 6-8
  • Medium - Mens 7-9  /  Womens 8.5-10.5
  • Large - Mens 9.5-11.5  /  Womens 11-13
  • X-Large - Mens 12+

Socks are 6" tall and are made by DeFeet. They are made on their popular Aireator sock. As the 'original air-flow design sock', the Aireator is the sock that kicked off the air-flow rage years ago. Today, the Aireator still leads in durability, wicking, drying, and air permeability. The Hi-Top version features a taller, ultra-light single layer cuff design.

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