July 8th - Mini - Night Moves Payment

July 8th - Mini - Night Moves Payment


We are no longer accepting online registration. All existing online orders have been processed. You're still welcome to bring a team to the event and sign up there!

Paying $40 gets your team of 2-4 runners into the event. It's a relay format and the only two rules are that each runner cannot run more than one lap in a row and that each team member must run at least 2 laps. 

You'll get a form prompt as you check out. Give us your team name and the names of your team members. 


  • An exclusive night running race through FW
  • 100% of proceeds go to NeighborLink Fort Wayne as a donation. We'll put 100% of the funding raised towards specific projects we're completing. Each event, we'll tell you who is getting impacted by your registration. 
  • We partner with a different vendor each event. Usually results in discounted food/beverages. 


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