INSTOCK - TNL Cycling Jersey by Panache

INSTOCK - TNL Cycling Jersey by Panache


We're phasing out all our 2017 Panache Kits. We'll be ordering through a different company in 2018. These are great kits, but need to find new homes. Designs will stay the same, so there are no concerns about not matching the rest of us. 

Work Hard. Do Good. Love Wins. 

We like to think our philosophy carries us a long way in life. It certainly can't hurt to live with the desire to be our best selves and to be the best with others. 

The 2017 TNL Cycling Kits made by Panache Sportswear are fantastic. We searched and searched for the company that could create the best kit we could find. Panache makes a solid kit and we think you'll love it based on everyones' feedback so far. Take a look around their website to learn more and to find their sizing chart

We have a few kits in stock currently and will be re-ordering again in late June 2017. Message us if you want to pre-order at that time. 

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