Patriotic Houndstooth Socks

Patriotic Houndstooth Socks

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Red, Navy & White giant houndstooth socks for those that want to be all American. These are wonderful and match the TNL kits pretty good, and I'm sure they'll match yours as well. Good for the dudes and the ladies. 

  • Small - Mens 4.5-6.5  / Womens 6-8
  • Medium - Mens 7-9  /  Womens 8.5-10.5
  • Large - Mens 9.5-11.5  /  Womens 11-13
  • X-Large - Mens 12+

Socks are 6" tall and are made by DeFeet. They are made on their popular Aireator sock. As the 'original air-flow design sock', the Aireator is the sock that kicked off the air-flow rage years ago. Today, the Aireator still leads in durability, wicking, drying, and air permeability. The Hi-Top version features a taller, ultra-light single layer cuff design.

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