Midwest Center for Joint Replacement

Midwest Center for Joint Replacement is a private practice specializing in hip, knee, and partial knee replacement surgery. With more than 30 years of combined joint replacement experience, they believe that all individuals deserve an incomparable level of care, skill, experience, and respect. Their surgeons have pioneered many of the latest implant designs, research discoveries and publications, and advanced recovery protocols. They are national and international educators on the latest developments in hip and knee surgery.

In addition to being leaders in their industry, they're leaders in their communities and have a passion for supporting organizations like, NeighborLink. A bonus is that they're into cycling! We're excited to welcome them to the TNL family in 2017 and look forward to sharing more about their efforts with you. 

Junk Ditch Brewing Company

Junk Ditch Brewing Company is one of the most exciting new restaurants in Fort Wayne, and TNL members have an affinity for the place. Junk Ditch is part of the Affine Hospitality – the team behind Affine Food Truck and GK Baked Goods. They know a thing or two about creating great dining experiences. We encourage you to add this to your list the next time you're looking for a great dinner, beer, or killer brunch. You won't be disappointed. Expect to join at TNL event or two there this season as well. 

Andrew, Dan, and Jack are avid cyclists and reached out to partner with us in 2017. Not only do they like to ride bikes and have a good time like us, they have a strong desire to be a part of the redevelopment of the West Main St corridor in Fort Wayne. They spent a couple of years renovating the old Korte Paper Company warehouse in an effort catalyze the other development in the neighborhood. We're looking forward to partnering with Junk Ditch and helping some neighbors in their neighborhood stabilize their homes. 

Ortho Northeast

TNL Ambassador Ben Steele is a PA for ONE and has leveraged his workplace to join us in 2017 to excel at our efforts. Huge thank you to Dr. Hamlet and Dr. Conner for their generous contribution to Ben's campaign, and to ONE for matching their contributions. 

ONE has been serving the Fort Wayne community for over 50 years, and whether you have a new injury or experience chronic pain, Ortho NorthEast has the top specialists, latest treatments and convenient locations to help you get back to the things you love. 

One of the great features of ONE for the busy athlete is their OrthoStat service, which is a drop-in office that can check out your sports related injuries the weekend after a big race. 

Lake City Bank

Lake City Bank is a $4.3 billion community bank made up of 49 offices across northern and central Indiana. They entered the Fort Wayne market in 1999 and now have five Fort Wayne offices, the newest of which is located in the Skyline Plaza downtown. The bank is known for getting involved in every market it enters. In addition to providing banking services to individuals that rival those offered by most other banks, Lake City Bank supports businesses with loans, deposit products and state-of-the-art treasury services. Its bankers are involved in organizations they feel passionate about, such as Habitat for Humanity, Cooking Men and NeighborLink.

Team NL Advisory Group member and runner/triathlete, Grant Daily, is a VP and Commercial Banking Officer with the bank. We appreciate the support of Lake City Bank and love their commitment to empowering their employees to make a difference in causes that matter to them.  

Custom Living, Inc

Custom Living is a full service and comprehensive home remodeling business located in Indianapolis. They take a unique approach to the renovation and customer service process, which makes them a great "partner" when it comes to making a big decision like hiring a company to remodel a kitchen, bathroom, or other area of your house. They have a strong desire to not only help those that can afford to update their home but those that cannot. 

Nathan Alan Design

What catches your attention flipping through your favorite home magazines? The kitchen pictures of course! Well, if you cycle through Nathan Alan's website, you'll quickly notice that his kitchen designs are magazine worthy and are making their owners extremely happy. Nathan focuses on designing incredible kitchens that align with your dreams and combine the craftsmanship of local custom cabinet builders. If you're in the market for a new kitchen, then you need to consider Nathan Alan's design team.  

Trailhouse Village Bicycles


 Trailhouse is a fantastic bike shop located in Winona Lake, IN and ran by one of the nicest guys we've met in the bike industry so far. Barry has been a long time supporter of Team NeighborLink and our athletes. When he had the chance to take ownership Trailhouse a few years ago, he left an open door for more in-depth partnership should the time present itself. At the beginning of 2017, that opportunity came to fruition as we needed the help of a Giant Bicycle retailer to help facilitate our relationship with Giant. Not only did Barry offer to help us get Giant bikes, but he's been generous and overwhelmingly supportive of our teammates so far. Many of us make the trip to Winona Lake frequently and love buying our bike parts from Trailhouse. We simply wish we all lived in Winona Lake to hang out even more! Maybe we need to start a NeighborLink in Warsaw soon. 

Giant Bicycles

Giant Bicycles has returned as a grassroots sponsor for 2017.  Because of one of team members long-time relationship with Giant sponsored teams, the door was opened to raise some awareness for our work among their sponsorship team. Giant believed in the creative approach to using athletics as a cause and chose to support our team. They donated an incredible TCX cross bike frame to the team to be ridden and auctioned off at the end of the 2016 season. Because of that generosity, we raise over $8,000 during the TNLCX season in 2016. They also allowed our cross team members to get the bikes we needed at a great price so we could look as unified as possible and ride really great bikes. Some of our TNL members have been riding Giant's for years and were excited to welcome them on as a brand partner. After a season of riding, we're all in love and looking for our next Giant bike purchase.  We look forward to having Giant on board for years to come! 

Vorderman Volkswagen

Volkswagens and bicycles are almost synonymous. There are more Team NL members  with VWs than we can count. So, the opportunity to have Vorderman Volkswagen join our team of sponsors is kind of a dream come true. They have been serving the Fort Wayne community for over 35 years and have a history of supporting Fort Wayne. They are supporting our 2017 racing efforts by providing a "team car" for each of our races to help us get to races safely and in style. They also are loaning us trailers and bike racks as needed to help make the travel process as smooth as possible. If you're in the market for a new or used car, we recommend you stopping in and chatting with them first. 

We're excited to remain a grassroots SRAM team for 2017. SRAM is an industry leader in bike components, and if you're not familiar with SRAM road and mountain bike components, know that they are also responsible for Zipp, AVID, Truvativ, RockShox, and Quarq brands. To us, one of the greatest things about SRAM is their involvement in the founding and continued support of World Bicycle Relief as well as their history of supporting many social causes around the globe and locally. They have a passion for using bicycles to do good in the world. 

Team NeighborLink members will be able to take advantage of group buying discounts on the full line of SRAM products. The SRAMbassador program is a way for them to support grassroots efforts like ours so our members can continue to raise awareness and funds for our organization while riding the best products on the market. 

SRAM has also donated some product to equip one of our Team NLCX athlete's bikes for the 2016 cross season. Those bikes were auctioned off to raise money to fund furnace projects last fall. Thanks, SRAM!

Bicycle Garage Indy

Bicycle Garage Indy has been a staple in Indy since the early 80s. You can't think of bike shops in Indy without thinking of BGI. Not only have they been a great bike shop all of these years, they've been extremely influential in many bicycle advocacy related programs in the Indy area and were named the Retail Advocate of the Year in 2008 by the bike industry. 

They are the go-to shop for our Indianapolis Team NL athletes and because of that, responded to our request to support us in 2016 as a no brainer. Scott Helvie and his team believe in what we're trying to do for the Indy and Fort Wayne communities and decided to donate a bike to our 2016 TNLCX efforts that was raced last season and then sold at the end of the year to help fund a furnace in Indy. Thanks, BGI. We're looking forward to another great year. 

Everyday Adventure Treats

Everyday Adventure Treats donated a box of their snack bars to Bicycle Garage for the silent auction they did for us back in early February. We had never heard of them and after talking with the auction winner and receiving a gift of a free bar, we were hooked. The bar we had was delicious and after a quick internet search to learn more, we became huge fans of their mission. After a few emails and phone calls, TNL became a part of the Everyday Adventure Treats family. 

Everyday Adventure Treats stands for: inclusivity and providing the best snacks possible. To them, this is simply human. Inclusion is as naturally our right as it is our right to access healthy food. It's inseparable. This is why Everyday Adventure Treats has always been, and will continue be, more than a snack bar. It’s a way of life- straightforward, gritty, and uncomplicated. Everyday Adventure Treats works with a lot of great causes around the globe and we're excited to be fueled by them as well as help them grow their brand. Pick up a box or two!

3 Rivers Running Company


Three Rivers Running Company has been a part of Team NeighborLink's success since we began 6 years ago by providing their incredible team discount pricing. They've upped their support in 2017. This team discount program allows us to get top of the line running gear at a price where we can purchase it, get it printed, and sell it at retail pricing and still make a bit of donation from each sale. They make it really easy for us to get athletes to question whether they want to buy a shirt with some big company marketing message or support a cause like ours. Expect to see them at all our TNL Night Moves events. 

Handup Gloves

Handup Gloves is the company made up of the coolest people that you want to hang out with. They took the glove, combined it with the advances in custom clothing, and launched a minimalist glove brand. There have always been off-road cycling gloves, but most of them took cues straight from motocross gloves, which usually ended up having more protection or material than you need for cycling. Team NL athletes like so many others were first attracted to Handup's colorful designs that allowed us to express our creativity, but have stuck around because they are really great gloves with just enough of all the right things. There are over a dozen of us that have more than one pair of these gloves because you need variety and can't have enough of a good thing. 

We're now excited to be an official Team Ambassador of the brand. More than the gloves, we love the community building spirit this brand embodies. They support great causes, as many events as they can, and teams/individuals that are doing more for building the community in the sport than those that are simply winning races. Stay tuned as you may see a custom Team NL glove in 2018. We'll see. 


Swagman was one of the first companies worldwide to design and market a hitch style bike rack. Over the years, that small bike rack company based in the Okanagan Valley of British Columbia grew to include numerous other ground breaking designs in the North American Bicycle, RV and Automobile markets. Today, they make some of the best racks in the business. 

Team NeighborLink was fortunate to be on the receiving end of their company's generosity in 2017. Swagman heard about the work TNL aims to do through athletics and instead of offering us a discount on a new bike rack were were ready to purchase, they donated their top of the line Semi 4.0 bike rack that allows us to transport 4 bikes securely to all our events. We're excited to tell the Swagman story and show off our new rack at all our events. 

NUUN Hydration

Have you had this stuff yet? If not, go and buy a tube or four. Nuun makes electrolyte enhanced drink tabs which are designed to keep you hydrated. Many of our team members have preferred Nuun tablets for the past few years because of how great they work at keeping you hydrated. Once you try them, you'll not want to drink other leading sports drinks ever again. Some of our favorite flavors are cherry limeade, grape, and tropical. 

The thing we love about Nuun is their grassroots tenacity to spread the word about their product and their commitment to supporting the common athlete and not just the elite athletes. We think they're a perfect fit to Team NeighborLink and we're glad to trade some promo help for a discount on products. 

What A Team NeighborLink Member Is:

  • You have Volunteered at NeighborLink Fort Wayne at least once in the past 12 months.

  • You've purchased our gear and participated in a athletic competition (5k, cycling race/ride, CrossFit competition, Spartan Race, etc.)

  • You've purchased our gear and wear it regularly, plus made at least a $50 donation to NL Fort Wayne.

  • You've organized a fundraiser on our behalf.